Our Essence

Make a Difference within the Lives of Our Customers, Staff and community.

Team effort

We acknowledge that our main assets are people. To be effective, JB Mining Corporation needs to be a place where all can excell and be highly-motivated. We provide the opportunity to motivate and assist our people in attaining over-achieving. We collaborate with our customers as a group. We are a company built on the shoulders of our customers.


We stay true to our values: excellence, honesty and discipline. We have the greatest ethical demand within the marketplace. We “do the pleasant thing.” JB Mining Corporation is a company ultimately built upon trust. JB Mining Corporation is held to the high obligations of service, quality, private cognizance on clients, and stability. Because of this track record, we have the benefit of leading some of the best brands worldwide.


We are proactive in discovering alternatives for our clients that result in high-quality accomplishments. We agree that enduring relationships are the lifeline of our business, so we pay absolute attention to our customers with the aid of building their businesses to the best of their potential. Our creator, Jennifer Bee, defined our clients, properly, as our “appreciated pals.”


JB Mining Corporation has made Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services (OHSAS) 18001 registration, which acknowledges the advancement and alertness of an intensive protection program that aims to offer and maintain the safest possible operating conditions for all parties.

Diverse and Inclusive

JB Mining Corporation promotes a healthy lifestyle of range and addition wherein all group of workers participants contribute imaginative concepts, search for obstacles, and feature the chance to grow. Our varied and inclusive labor force positions the enterprise to grow, improves our existence in various markets, and assists us broaden withstanding relationships with every other, marketplace partners, and our clients.